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I Love Public Transportation!

My morning bus ride: Not long after I got on, the bus made its usual stop at the Seminary Square Kroger (i.e. Kroghetto) and some people got on, including an old lady and a middle-aged black guy with a moustache who couldn't find his fare. He got off, but then apparently found his wallet and just barely managed to run and get back on the bus before it took off again from the stop.

The old lady (hereafter "Old Lady," if you will) sits near me and the black guy (hereafter "Moustachio") sits across the aisle from us. O. L. starts talking to and/or comisserating with Moustachio across the bus, and ventures to inquire as to how he's doing. He then goes on a long rant about how he "got laid off from work, don't need no work, ain't no slave no more, work's for slaves," etc. Then he starts laughing--a strange, maniacal laugh, comprised of a bunch of short stoccato 'heh heh hehs' repeated breathlessly for several minutes on end in the loudest, creepiest manner possible, echoing throughout the entire bus and throughout all the other riders' shaken psyches.

Old Lady decides that this is a good time to proceed to ask him what he's been up to since getting laid off, and he starts saying "I been gay. Been real gay. Love bein' gay. I am a gay black man. Sure love bein' gay. Hot stuff. HOT CHOCOLATE." Then more laughing for several more minutes on end until the bus arrived at the depot downtown and I went about my day.

Another typical day.
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